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This features will come with [[BZFlag 3.0]]
This features were planned for release with BSFlag 3.0 (AKA [[BZFlag 2.99]])
* Improved web interface
* Improved web interface

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The Web BZFS Manager is a third party project that allows server owners to manage BZFlag Servers via a web interface. It was developed by Cobra_Fast. The project is licensed under the GPL.

Download and Installation

You can easily download the actual version at http://www.wtwrp.de/web_bzfs_manager. This page always is up to date and will offer the latest version for download.

For installation instructions see the setup.php via your browser that is contained in the package you downloaded, or view the online variant of it.


  • Start, stop BZFS
  • Web form for command line options to ease BZFS starting
  • Create, delete and edit databases
  • Upload and use maps and plug-ins
  • User limits


This features were planned for release with BSFlag 3.0 (AKA BZFlag 2.99)

  • Improved web interface
  • Webadmin quick launchers

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