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Wings3D is a subdivision modeler inspired by Nendo and Mirai from Izware and can be used to create bzflag objects by using the BZW exporter. There is no support in Wings for doing animations. But the only known 3D modeler that supports animation is Blender](Which BZW Exporter can also be used to export models into .bzw files.

Export/Import Formats

Export Formats

Nendo (NDO) 3D Studio (3DS) Wavefront (OBJ) VRML (WRL) Renderware (RWX) FBX (on Windows and Mac OS X) Yafray Toxic Povray

Import Formats

Nendo (NDO) 3D Studio (3DS) Wavefront (OBJ) FBX (on Windows and Mac OS X) Adobe Illustrator 8 (AI)

System Requirments

Windows: OpenGL required. From 0.99.00: Windows 2000 or higher required. Mac OS X: From 0.98.35: 10.4 ("Tiger") or higher required. From 0.98.26 (Nov 2004): 10.3 ("Panther") or higher required. Earlier releases run on 10.2 or higher. There is no Mac OS 9 version.

Linux: Open GL or Mesa required.

Other Unix/Irix/etc: OpenGL required; you'll need to build from source.

You can download Wings3D from