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A World object is a BZW map structure that defines various options for the map.


The code for a world object is as follows

 name example_world
 size 400.0
 flagHeight 10.0

Valid parameters for a world object are:

Parameter Description
name the name of the map, generally unused.
size the size of the outer world walls from the center of the map to each wall. The default is 400 world units, providing a world 800 units across.
flagHeight defines the height in Z of the standard flagpole.
noWalls removes the default outer stone walls (as well as the invisible collision wall and the radar signature of the wall), from the map. This is different than "set _wallHeight 0", which leaves the radar alone.
freeCtfSpawns after a team-flag is captured, players spawn randomly, not at the base.

The world object can only be specified once in a map.


flagHeight defines the Z volume needed for flag spawns. Flags will never drop in an area unless there is flagHeight clearance in Z. This can be an issue with maps that use multiple objects "stacked" in Z


The world object was added in v1.10.

Editor Support[edit]

The world object is only fully supported by the BZWTools blender plug-in.