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XLR8's Castle is a two team (Red and Blue, but we changed the colors for the holidays) capture the flag game server. It has a low and high level to play on, and getting from the bottom to the top is fairly easy. The lower level has three main features: a large wall that is too large to jump over but you can go under with Burrow; two other walls that are as high but not as long in front of the bases, these walls have a colored screen in the middle of them so that while in the base you can shoot and move through them; there is also a tunnel that runs under the middle wall on can use for Stealth flag runs.

You can get from the bottom to the top two ways: first, there is a teleporter in the middle wall that will take you up there; and second, each side has two trampoline cylinders that will throw you up there. Of course, you can spawn on top as well.

The top part of the map consists of a more or less straight pathway from one end to the other that goes around the World Weapon, which fires down the middle of the map. This World Weapon fires from a purple "Nuclear Reactor" that will kill your tank if you touch it. Above the "Reactor" is a purple disk, on top of which are two red and blue rectangles, on top of those is the teleporter. The straight pathway branches off to the left and right near your team's base. The right side has some Super Bullet flags, while the right side leads to a few Shock Wave flags and a drop to another path. This path meanders along the bottom of the top part, but it will get you from one side to the other and leads you into a large Useless flag section. XLR8's Castles does not have the UselessMine patch, the flags are only there to hide the lone Genocide flag. In the top part, at the opposite ends of the walkway, there is a diamond formation of four flags: Cloaking, Stealth, Guided Missle, and Laser. Wings can also be found on top, by the World Weapon.

There are many other fun obstacles and secret places that lend to the tactical fun of a capture the flag game. We hope you will stop by to check it out and maybe play for awhile, and maybe tell a member of our staff what you think.

XLR8's Castle has jumping and richochet enabled, it also has every good flag, but no bad flags. The server has a five shot limit, and the capture the flag game never ends.