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A Zone is a rectangular BZW map structure for spawn or flag zones. The zone lets you create a specific area for a certain flag or a certain team to spawn.


The code for a zone is as follows:

name example_zone
   position 0.0 0.0 0.0
   size 1.0 1.0 1.0
   rotation 0.0
   # Add two GM, one OO
   zoneflag GM 2
   zoneflag OO
   # cause laser, shockwave
   # good and bad flags to spawn in the zone
   flag L
   flag SW
   flag good
   flag bad
   team 0 1 2 3 4
   safety 1 2 3 4

Valid parameters for the zone are:

Defines the position of the zone in the word (x/y/z)
Defines the size of the zone (rectangular prism)
Defines a rotation around the Z axis for the box, in degrees.
Generates the flag listed inside this zone (adding "flag n" for the quantity). The flag will be generated specifically for the zone, regardless of BZFS options. One flag per call. Remember to use the -fb option in the option object.
Listed flag will spawn in the zone. The flags must be specified for the server via BZFS options. One flag per call.
Team players will spawn (0 - Rogue, 1 - Red, 2 - Green, 3 - Blue, 4 - Purple).
Team flags listed here will fly to the closest safety zone when dropped (1 - Red, 2 - Green, 3 - Blue, 4 - Purple)


Zones are used to define spawn positions in within the XY volume of the Zone. The Z value for the spawn position will be the lower bounds of the volume in Z. Normal spawn rules still apply for spawns generated by zones and may disqualify a spawn from happening in a zone (Z clearance, shots, players, etc..). When multiple zones of the same type are defined, a random one is used for each spawn, if possible.


Zones have no appearance in a map other than what they define (ex: flags or tank spawns).


Zones were added to BZFlag in version 2.0.0.

Editor Support

The zone object is not supported by any known editors.


Working with flag zones make sure you have enough clearance for flags, default flag height is 10 world units. A dropped flag will stay in a short tunnel if _flagHeight is less than 1.

If the zone is not on the ground, be sure to set -fb or -sb, or your spawns will always be on the ground.