2.3 QualityChanges

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This page describes the changes to the graphics quality system for 2.3


The goals are replicate the graphics quality settings from 2.99.x branch in 2.3. These changes reflect the trend in personal computing towards having better hardware 3d acceleration.

Current "low" and "medium" settings use OpenGL features that are poorly supported in modern ( last 5 years) hardware and actually slow down performance.


The current setting of "medium" will be the new "low", and the current setting of "High" will be the new "medium". Experimental will move down to "high".

High will be the default.

Some settings in high will be defaulted to more modern choices ( stencil instead of stipple for shadows)


Remove requirements for OpenGL 1.0 and 1.1 Remove BSP rendering system Remove Code fror 3dfx and riva 128 Remove Option for No textures. Remove Texture filters that don't make sense. Remove Experimental