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BZWTools is the name of a plug-in for the open source 3d modeler Blender that allows it to read, write, and edit BZW formated files


BZWTools leverages the existing power of Blender and extends it to allow it to be the only full featured map editor for 2.0 map features.


BZWTools was written by Teppic in the Python programing language to work with Blender. Teppic maintains a website dedicated to the project. While the project is not maintained by the BZFlag developer community, Teppic is active in the community, and BZWTools is considered to be the most full featured way to edit BZW maps.

Installing and using[edit]

The BZTools website maintains complete instructions on installing the tools on:

as well as simple instalations for the novice, including BZWTools Blender and Python all in one package for Mac and Windows.

Additional information on tool configuration can be found here.

Tutorials and guides on how to use the tools can be found on the BZWTools wiki as well.

Use of blender in the future[edit]

It is expected that all new map features will be added to the blender plug-in as they are developed in the future.

See also[edit]

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External links[edit]

BZWTools website (Old URL, now broken)

BZWTools website (working URL, download links broken)

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