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In the broadest sense, camping is when a player is able to stay put in one single spot and continually score from that position. It is a type of strategy that most players do not find fun, but is encouraged on various types of maps.

Uses of Camping[edit]

Most players will use camping in unison with Good Superflags such as Laser(L), Guided Missile(GM), Shockwave(SW), and in rare cases even Oscillation Overthruster(OO), Super Bullet(SB), and Wings(WG). The reason why players would camp is because the area they are in provides the camper certain advantages to gain lots of points, such as making players jump up to them, or because it has a certain flag. The area can also provide tactical flag advantages, like large open space that a camper with laser could shoot everyone from, or a high center area that campers with Shockwave can just move around and gain points from killing players.

Effects of Camping[edit]

Discussed below, camping can cause players to become a user of just one flag. Camping also affects the players on the map the camper is on. Usually if the camper is able to score massive amount of points, players will start noticing and get angry at the camper. Sometimes camping is not allowed strictly by the Administrators.

Disadvantages of Camping[edit]

Although most players do not have problems with this, some people will get too accustomed to one map with just one flag and will always be going for that flag to take advantage of a camper spot. However, this does not help much in terms of the camper's skill, as they only use one flag, in one spot, on one map. This encourages the camper to always use the same tactic instead of trying different tactics over time.