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Content Restrictions

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BZFlag offers a content restriction feature that can be used to limit what various clients will download.

The primary use of these restrictions is to limit the downloads of images so that parents can prevent inappropriate images being shown to their children.


By default there is a single level of content restriction in place. Only images hosted on the BZFlag image submission system will be allowed. This system has a 'family friendly' content policy and all images are reviewed manually by project staff to ensure that they follow the policy and are properly licensed.

Configuring Content Restrictions[edit]

Content restrictions are controlled by the file DownloadAccess.txt. This file will be created the first time a client joins a server that has external images. If the file does not exist a user can simply create it.


The location of the file depends on the operating system that the client is installed on:

  • Windows: OSDRIVE:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BZFlag\2.4\DownloadAccess.txt
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/BZFlag/DownloadAccess.txt
  • Linux: ~/.bzf/DownloadAccess.txt

Default Contents[edit]

By default the file for 2.4 contains:

allow *
deny *


The file can be edited in a normal text editor, such as Notepad or TextEdit.

If the user would like to add additional sites to the allowed list they can simply add a new line before the deny section as follows


If the user would like to allow all sites they can simply add a wildcard instead of a site name and remove the deny section.

 allow *

Another option to allow all servers is to delete the contents of the file and make it empty.

Parental Security[edit]

Parents may wish to secure the file from editing in order to prevent a child from circumventing any restrictions. Securing the file involves setting the child's user account in such a way that it does not have permission to edit the file. This method varies by OS and can be found using simple internet searches.