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Picture Frame.png This page contains the design document for an enhancement or feature. It is a work of collaborative development, and may not represent the final design. If you are not part of the development or design group, please post comments and suggestions on the talk page and not in the middle of the design.


2.4 should have some graphical punch to help people upgrade.

Graphical Missile[edit]

GM can now show a graphical missile.

GM Trails[edit]

A new 'Smoke' option has been added for GMs, it looks pretty sweet.

Death effects[edit]

Death effects have been changed so that we can have different effects based on death types. The following is a list of ideas.

Death effect Description
Standard Have tank make explosions, fall apart in a pile then burn.
Steamroller Have tank squish flat and burn.
Laser Have tank glow then fade out, no explode. / Blinding white flash, then have tank glow then fade out, no explode. Wireframe?
Super Bullet Current "rings" explosion.
Flag Capture Capping team's flag sprouts out of the top of tank and team colored confetti shoots out around before fade out. No explode.
Genocide Skulls around tank as it falls apart then burns with skull/crossbones smoke.
Phantom Zone Like geno, but with ghost texture. / Tank goes 2d in YZ falls over then shatters, Superman 2 style.
Water Death Tank slowly scale in Z with bubbles floating up.
Burrow Tank Parts fly straight up in the air. / Tank sinks into the ground and leaves a tombstone. / Tank sinks into the ground and leaves a rabbit hole.
Machine Gun, Rapid Fire Tank parts fly away, all using bullet's trajectory.
High Speed, Agility Tank Parts fly away, using reverse of bullet's trajectory.
Shockwave Tank parts fly a short distance, and stop in mid-air before falling.
Oscillation Tank turns into bricks.
Bad Flags Similar to flag capture.
Death Driver Electrical flashes around tank then char to black before fade with smoke.
Server Kill Tank floats up and slowly fades out in a halo of light.
Guided Missile Missile impact erupts into a small mushroom cloud, both tank an missile parts scatter out from point of impact. / leave scorch marks on ground/buildings that fades out slowly over time.