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How To Ban

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How To Ban[edit]

This page is a guide on how to use each ban command with a discription on how to correctly preform the commands. In order to issue the following commands their are permissions that are needed. See here for a list of permissions and their corresponding commands


Every ban needs a duration, or expiry limit. The duration can be anywhere between 1 minute to infinity, or permanent.

1m = One minute
1h = One hour
1d = One day
1w = One week
1y = One year
0, max, forever = Permanent ban. Will never expire.

IP Banning[edit]

There are multiple ways to ban a user using their IP address.

[SERVER->] [14] I_need_to_be_banned (localhost)
[SERVER->] [15] Ban the other guy (

To ban just the IP address on the user "I_need_to_be_banned" issue the command:

/ban <duration> <reason>

This will ban the user for one week, with the reason "asked for it". There are two more ways to ban a user. Banning them by name, or slot number. To ban them by their name type:

/ban I_need_to_be_banned <duration> <reason>
/ban #14 1<duration> <reason>

Both of the above bans will add the user's IP and BZID to the banlist. To unban before the ban expires unban BOTH the IP and BZID. BZID bans can only be done on a globally registered user.

ID Banning[edit]

This type of banning can only be used on globally registered users - those who have registered on the BZFlag forums and have a + sign by their name.

To view a user's BZID enter "/idlist" and the server will send out a list of players with their BZIDs

[SERVER->] please ban me           : 12345

To ID ban "please ban me" send the following command:

/idban +12345 <duration> <reason>

The + sign infront of the BZID is needed for ID bans or else it won't work.

Host Banning[edit]

The host ban is the type of ban that is widely used for stopping an abusive user with a dynamic (changing) IP address. Be careful when issuing this ban as it's possible to block a large number of innocent players from joining.

To do a host ban the player's host, or ISP is needed . The '/playerlist' command will print out their host.

[SERVER->] [0]Please Ban Me         : ( udp+

Their host is in the brackets ( To issue the ban do:

/hostban <duration> <reason>

Range Bans[edit]

Range bans are IP bans that cover a range of IP addresses. This type of ban is also useful for banning users with dynamic IPs, while being more precise than a host ban. The following types of range bans are:

127.0.0.* = Class C
127.0.*.* = Class B
127.*.*.* = Class A (Very bad idea to do this)

To issue a range ban do

/ban <range> <duration> <reason>


The "unban" and "banlist" permissions are needed to successfully issue these commands IP Unbanning

/unban <IP Address>

ID Unbanning

/idunban <BZID>

The + sign is not needed for unbanning.

Host Unbanning

/hostunban <hostname>

Range Unbanning

/unban <IP>

Make sure to include the *. It must be in the same format as in the banlist