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The map info map object is a proposed map object that will allow a map to store text info such as comments, author info, and release license.


The object will contain a number of fields. Unlike other objects, it will not parse the fields, but simply store them in a "key/value" pair system and send them to the client for use or display.

The client will then display any unknown fields to the user when they join the server. Know keywords will be parsed.

Suggested Fields[edit]


  • Source_URL ; a URL to where the source file for the map can be found.
  • No_SAVE; disables the saving of the rap map data in a client.

Unknown but common[edit]

  • Name; The map name
  • Date; The map creation date
  • Author; The author of the map
  • E-mail; The e-mail address of the map
  • comment; Comments about the map from the author
  • license; The license and terms for the use of the map


The biggest use of this object would be to ensure that end users know who the author of a map is, and how it may be used. Additionally maps that have a source URL will ask the user if they wish to go to the URL to get the map instead of saving the one in the client's memory. This can allow maps that use world weapons to be properly distributed.

The use of the No Save flag is to be used by map owners who do not wish to distribute the map openly.