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Messages can be sent to one, some or all of the players in a game. The message appears in the All and Chat message areas at the bottom of the screen. For example, press n and

Send to all:

appears at the bottom of the screen. Type in your message, press Enter and your message appears in the message area of all the current players and observers.

Individual players and other predefined groups can be messaged in this way. The following table lists the initiating keypress (like n in the above example) and the consequent recipient(s).

Keypress Recipient(s) Explanation
n Send to all All players and observers
m Send to teammates All players on your team (ie. the same color as you)
z Send to Admin All players and observers who are administrator
. (dot) Send to individual Use left-arrow and right-arrow to cycle through player names
, (comma) Send to nemesis The last player you killed, or who killed you

Note that pestering administrators with requests to grant you administrator access is frowned upon. At best you will be politely refused. At worst you may be kicked or banned.

The Send to all feature can also be used to send administrative commands to the server.