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GM Behaviour[edit]

It has been suggested that:

  • When the flag is dropped ( ether manually, or by death) the current lock on target is cleared, and GM shots will be unguided.

which raised the question:

This behavior will cause the last shot of a GM to be unguided. Should we only clear the GM lock on a death? or after the last shot hits? Should GMs be fire and forget where they always just go on the last target? Is that too mean?
->Personally I've always been disappointed that a GM loses its lock when the tank that fired it is killed. No other types of shot are affected "mid-air" - a SW doesn't suddenly stop if the tank that fired it loses its flag. My opinion is that all GM shots, including the last one, should have the same capabilies; retaining its last lock (if it had one) and the ability to re-lock. The flag should drop after the last shot detonates, not after the last shot is fired. If the flag is dropped because the holding tank dies, existing locks should remain but obviously cannot be re-locked.Mr Burns 04:47, 7 April 2008 (EDT)