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A list of various BZFlag tutorials and how-tos.

List of tutorials[edit]

Tutorial Description
Ban what one may do in case of a ban.
BZFS in a chroot jail how to run a BZFS server is run on a host computer while, preventing it from having access to any other parts of the host system.
Compiling how to compile BZFlag using the raw source code.
Creating a server how to run a BZFS server for hosting a BZW map.
How To Ban how one is able to ban users from a server.
Installing on Linux how to install BZFlag on a Linux machine.
Local chat filter how to use the client to filter language.
Map making by hand how to create maps by hand.
Setting up a group file how to set group files on a server.
Single Player Mode how to run BZFlag as a single player mode.
Staying Alive how to avoid getting shot and staying alive in BZFlag.
Texturing how to how to add textures in map files.