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Please ask any questions or comments in discussion, or bug me on IRC.

Google Summer of Code Application[edit]


Currently, much of the code involving BZFlag's worlds and world files is repeated and reimplemented throughout different projects, and as such any changes made to the BZW format require changes to each implementation. In order to ease future development and help increase the modularity of BZFlag, a libBZW is proposed. This library would abstract the inner workings of the BZW format, such as parsing, and allow applications to handle BZW files with ease. Once such a library is in place, BZFlag and related programs should have identical functionality.


Nothing here as of yet.


I am a 20 year old undergraduate in the Engineering Systems & Computing program at the University of Guelph (in Ontario, Canada). I've been programming since roughly 1999, when I was first introduced to Visual Basic. Very shortly after I matured to C++, with brief adventures into web development (more on this later). The first game I ever wrote (ignore Visual Basic nonsense) was a Mario Bros. clone. I received much assistance during this time from older students, but soon began to do much programming on my own. I toyed with Flash programming/scripting for a few years before returning to C++ during high school. I realized many errors in my ways and moved to C, in order to build a better programming foundation. Currently, I primarily code in C, C++ and Java (solely for school purposes, not of my own free will, usually). I spent a summer coding in C# for a company producing rugged mobile devices that mostly ran Microsoft Windows CE and Pocket PC. Until a few years ago I coded entirely in a Windows environment, and am quite familiar with it, however now prefer Unix-like systems for development and use. I am an advocate of code reuse and abstraction. I enjoy playing squash when I have the time, and alpine or downhill skiing when the opportunity presents itself. I've been playing video games always, though interspersed with lengthy periods of programming.