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STOP editing this page, it's the user subpage, I use it as a draft/test page. If you want the final result, look at Tricks with no skills. If you want to talk tome, use talk page instead. Or the talk page of the article u are interested in.

Getting the most from your client can give considerable advantages without cheating and any skills.

Tune the graphics[edit]

This only affects systems with VERY low FPS(under 60) Most systems get well over 100fps on even old hardware. Also Fog is enforced in 3.0--JeffM2501 14:26, 6 February 2010 (EST)

I know fog forced in 3.0. And thats not about performance, its all about better aiming --- without fog and rain you concentrate better. Btw, I'm still writing and its my personal draft. Yrogirg 14:35, 6 February 2010 (EST)

First of all, disable rain and fog, so you will be able to see further. This is especially handy with laser flag. But remember, some maps (e.g. Desert War) have very slight fog, that doesn't affect gameplay, but makes the map much more nicer. And note, that in BZFlag 2.99 fog is enforced.

Then decide about lightning and shadows. Do you really need them? These settings affect the image contrast. Lightning may distort the appearance of objects, enemy is less visible when he is in a shadow. The only use of shadow is that stealth tanks have one, so it might help you to identify them.

Now lets turn to textures. You need them, except of one case. If the game is about a dark (black) labyrinth, where you can't tell wall from the ceiling, turn off textures and turn on lightning --- that will help you greatly. Experiment with the texturing display options. The setting "Linear Mipmap Linear" is fastest on almost all OS's and graphics cards.

There is another setting that affects the image, but you can't set it once and for all --- time of the day. When you spawn on the server you will see the map at the server time. You have to use - and = keys to adjust time of the day and to make it actually day.

Tune the radar[edit]

You will find soon, that the radar is actually the most important part of the screen. So make it as big as possible and transparent. Also set it into Enhanced style. However, on some maps big radar will fool you, if the map author has left some huge unimportant objects visible on a radar, but such maps usually aren't very playable and unpopular.

Shots must be clearly visible on the radar, so look at the settings "Radar Shot Size" and "Radar Shot Length"

Other settings[edit]

Set Display Threads to off to have larger visible area.

Set Track Marks setting as high as possible --- that will help you to track cloacked and st tanks.

Get the most information during the game[edit]

Use look button (the same you lock with GM) to find what flag someone carries. This button is a great help on maps without radar --- use it to figure where other tanks are, especially cloacked.

Hear attentively the sounds to figure weather there is a stealth jumping. It works well if you are somewhere high, so the enemy needs to jump to you.

As already mentioned, watch tanks marks to figure st's and cl's. Shadows from stealthed tanks can also help.

Listen for your teammates --- they provide some valuable information, e.g. enemy's st positions. You should be familiar with bzflag jargon.

Use you radar against campers. Imagine there is a laser camper higher then you. Get laser flag, hide some where he cant see you and turn to him. Then use 4 and 5 keys (or shift + wheel) to make him coincide with a special tick on the radar. So now you are aiming at him. Then jump and when you'll see camper, shoot. If you are lucky he won't be able to react fast enough and shoot you.

Key mapping[edit]

There certainly must be a separate article. Players usually find there own input settings, however there are some styles and useful ideas.