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Webadmin is a server plug-in that allowed for server management via a standard web browser interface (HTTP). Webadmin was being developed for v2.99.x, but was not backported to 2.4 when development of 2.99.x ceased, and hasn't yet been included in an actual release.


When the Webadmin is loaded it must have take a parameter that tells the system where the html templates are. The default templates dir is ./ (current working dir). Since webadmin is an HTTPD plug-in the HTTPServer plugin must be in the same directory as webadmin, or have been previously loaded.

The usage is:

-loadplugin the/path/to/the/plugin/webadmin,the/path/to/the/templates

or in an already running game:

/loadplugin the/path/to/the/plugin/webadmin,the/path/to/the/templates


-loadplugin "/plugins/webadmin/,/plugins/webadmin/templates"


Webadmin uses templates to define the various pages that are returned. 2 types of templates are used, include templates, and page templates. Both types use the same BZFS_HTTP_Template system. These templates can be customized if needed.


The standard header provides links to all the standard pages.


Page templates always end in .page and are automatically scanned by the plug-in and shown in the default navigation header.

A number of default pages are provided with the distribution;


This page provides a basic overview of the current server, it shows

  • A player list
  • Current Scoring
  • Current Map
  • Bandwith?
  • Number of reports
  • Current Polls


This page shows a list of server events with time stamps, including;

  • Player Join/Part
  • Player Spawn/Die
  • Team Flag Captures
  • Flag Pickups
  • Kick/Ban events
  • Report events


This page provides more detailed info about the players, it contains the following info per player;

  • Name
  • Lag
  • IP/Host
  • Game stats
  • Groups and Permissions
  • Login/out history
  • Flag history
  • Chat text


This page provides a list of server vars with values, and allows them to be set.


This page provides a list server bans, allowing them to be reviewed, added, or removed.


This page shows the chat on the server with an automatic update. It allows the admin to send out chat text as a server message.

Help Messages[edit]

This pages shows the current help files, and allows them to be edited. (Is this useful?)


This pages shows the current groups, and allows them to be edited.


This pages shows the current reports, and allows them to be cleared.


Include templates are generaly used by the page templates or the plug-in for various common tasks. They are not scanned and listed in the default navigation header.

These templates are most commonly used for consistent page headers and footers as well as error pages.


Webadmin was initially started as part of the 2008 Google summer of code, it's design documents can be found at Webadmin_SOC2008. The plug-in has been rewritten significantly since the end of the Summer of Code.