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Getting help on BZFlag is rather easy. There are a number of places to get help

IRC Chat Room

The BZFlag communities make heavy use of IRC for communication and collaboration.

The freenode network is used for all IRC communications. Common channels include:

  • #bzflag
  • #bzchat

A web interface is provided to these channels at

Please see BZFlag on IRC for more info.

Web Forums

BZFlag maintains a set of official forums, located at

An older set of forums, located on SourceForge , are mostly unused, but located at:

Mailing Lists

There are a number of BZFlag mailing lists. The best one for support questions is bzflag-user. Archives and subscription information can be found on the SourceForge BZFlag project mailing list page at

Common Support Issues

The Common Support Issues page lists a number of the common problems with the game, and there resolutions.


The game is documented via a series of manual pages ( or man pages ). They on Linux and other Unix like operating systems they are installed by default, and can be accessed by using the man command and one of the following pages.

  • bzflag
  • bzfs
  • bzadmin
  • bzw

On Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX, the manual pages are in HTML format, and ether installed in the start menu, for windows, or in the extra's folder on the install DMG for OSX.

The man pages are also online in HTML format:

Further Support

If any of these methods to not provide acceptable resolution to a problem. The project maintains a support tracking system on SourceForge. New tickets can be opened at this URL:

See also

BZFlag on IRC

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Common Support Issues

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